Great 160m man Paul VS6DO SK ..._._

MERCED SAN-STAR Tuesday, Jun. 24, 2008

In the 1:20 p.m. Sunday (Jun. 22 2008) accident on Highway 99 south of Robertson Boulevard in Chowchilla,
Paul Richard Bailey, 62, of Clovis, died and his passenger, Vinna Kin Wah Bailey, 60, of Clovis,
was taken to Madera Community Hospital in Madera for treatment of moderate injuries.

Bailey was southbound on Highway 99 in the slow lane at an unknown rate of speed.
The 2006 Mazda Tribute drifted onto the shoulder, Bailey overcorrected and the vehicle struck a large tree.
The force of the impact caused the vehicle to overturn, land on its left side and hit a second tree.

Alcohol does not appear to be a factor and seat belts were in use, officers said.

Paul's memory.....
There is nobody who does not know about VS6DO Paul if they were active in the 1970's and 80's.
He was very active on all bands, especially on 160m.
I still remember his strong signal of 160m very clearly.
Among the low-banders in South East Asia, Paul was excellent and gave many hams a new one
on 80/160m with his QSO.
We JAs were allowed to operate between 1907.5 and 1912.5 kHz...just only 5 kHz total in those days
but Paul, who normally operated around 1823KHz, always made a special effort to listen for JAs
in their window and I would say hello to him almost everyday.
Paul also sometimes appeared in the JA window now and then.

Paul came to Hong Kong from the U.K. when he was young and worked as an officer for the
British police force in Hong Kong. His wife Kin gave Paul have 5 kids...Derek, Sarah, Debbie,
Jennifer and Stephanie.
In the mid-80s when I visited Paul, Kin and their kids' Debbie, Jennifer, Stephanie were
living there and welcomed me with warm hospitality.
I used to play with his kids on the top roof of his apartment or vacant areas around his place
when I did not operate the radio. That is still a happy memory for me.

Paul was not active only for himself but also often let visitors use his shack freely.
Contesters like Paul N4PN, George K5KG or me were able to have a opportunity to operate
from exotic Hong Kong. That was an unforgettable good experience for all of us.

It is quite difficult to get a high score in WW contest from Hong Kong.
Paul advised me before the contest saying "Aki, there is a knack of getting a high score from here.
That is to focus on 3 point QSOs with USA and EU, instead of 1 point QSOs with JA."
Most JAs were still young in the 80s and with a very high population of JA hams, they would call
VS6 one after another.
The Opening from Hong Kong to the United States often ended soon even if I notice the thing that
the band has opened.
My result of the contest in 1985 was the second in Asia. I lost to a UF6 (in 4K)
who was on the border line with EU. But I learned a lesson from it and won in the Asia in 1986.

Twice I also went on DX-peditions to the rare country "Macau" (next to Hong Kong) using Paul's
place as a base.
I got the FB call sign XX9XX there and was able to work worldwide on the low bands using an
IC-740, linear amp and the "Aki special" antenna (a portable inverted-L made from a tall fishing pole).
I accomplished 160m WAC just within 2 days in 1986...that was marvelous.
When I returned to his place after the DX-pedition, we talked each other about the mysterious
propagation of 160m and became so absorbed looking at the l60m log that we had forgotten
all about how late it was.

I really lament Paul's untimely passing.
I am really sorry for losing such a good friend.
Many thanks Paul. Rest in peace. We all will miss you on 160m.

73 and 161 (He was an FOC member), Aki JA5DQH / KH7A

You can read the article on Radiosporting Magazine February 1987 issue,
"TOP BAND DXing FROM THE FAR EAST" by W0ZV (now W4ZV) Bill Tippett.

Paul, listening on 160m carefully

Paul's shack in 1986. ICOMs and home brew "Active Antenna Tuners"

Antennas on top roof of 8-story apartment.

2 element 40m KLM & Hy-Gain Explrer

80m and 160m Inv-Vee is ended at the other apartments.

Spending long hours adjusting the antennas on the top roof.

Paul gave me an occasion to participate in SO/AB WW-CW Contest in 1985 and 1986.

Paul's "Toy boxes"
Paul and I both liked to make "Active Antenna Tuner"

The power supply for "Active Antenna Tuner" The gears which he made were of fine workmanship

Phill VS6CT came to Paul's home to meet me.

Light, Light, Light !
taking the photo from his apartment.

The very famous night view of Hong Kong. It was fabulous but one of the reasons for lowband noise

Paul's kids; from the left, Jennifer, Stephanie and Debbie.

Debbie played an electronic organ for me.

Jennifer and Stephanie being into the TV.

Stephanie talking with her beloved bear.

Look at my exausted face ! They took me out for tennis during my serious fight in 48-hour contest.

Paul's original QSL card from Bill K4CIA

My QSL card for 1985 WW-CW from Paul's place.

My QSL card for 1986 WW-CW from Paul's place.
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